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What Moves Us

Our goal is actually very simple. In our day-to-day work, we intend to help cultivate a global culture of healing.
We are grateful that we have this opportunity to directly support those who are empowering people to better regulate themselves.
We are inspired by the historic moment, in which technology -- used appropriately -- can offer means to build supportive communites, healthy relationships, and powerful human-centered tools.
The world we live in now is a very dysregulated place, and not safe or welcome for many of us. Although there are no quick fixes, we have seen that passionate, committed people can cocreate the kinds of environments where healing can happen.
We question as arbitrary the distinction between altruism and employment. We aim to create a joyful workplace.
We acknowledge the importance of values and boundaries. We also acknowledge our fallibility.
We hope you will be inspired to work with us, to teach us, to help us create a loving, thriving world for all of us.

What We Do

Neurofeedback Tools

We build neurofeedback bundles to provide clinicians with turn-key solutions. We focus on the important technical details so you don't have to. The realtime EEGer neurofeedback application suite runs best when it is configured and optimized by someone who understands the hardware. This attention leads to stability and speed in the computer processor and graphics display during your clinical use.

EEGer Neurofeedback Computer Bundles from EEG Store 

Tech Support

We know that you want to focus on helping your clients heal. To support you in this, we provide immediate and specific technical expertise. We work to be ready for any eventuality: from issues with your hardware, to configuration questions, to questions about how to do something in EEGer -- we aim to provide immediate and accurate information. If we don't know the answer, we'll tell you so, and get back with you in a timely manner.


Host Webinars

We host clinical webinars to help cultivate a knowledgeable and vibrant community of neurofeedback clinicians. Topics range from weekly mentoring and discussion sessions like Finding The Path, the course about Developmental Trauma by Sebern Fisher, to occasional presentations by members of the EEGer community.

Sebern Fisher in the Finding The Path Neurofeedback Mentoring Webinars 

Cultivate Community

Prized by many EEGer users is the warmth, openness, and experience of the EEGer community. We have found that strong relationships lead to inspiring growth. Many of our users share a commitment to creating positive global change, one person at a time. We value our part in helping the community to grow in self-awareness, skills, and -- finally --opportunities for joyful work.


What people are saying

Sik Lam Wong

You guys are knowledgeable and ready to help, which is really helpful for someone who is completely stressed out.

Sik Lam Wong, LMFT

Berkeley, CA
Mary Zaudtke

I get answers to my questions, I always find you helpful.

Mary Zaudtke, MA LP

Fridley, MN

Attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly, you all are able to explain issues that may seem complex to us in easy-to-understand  terms. We appreciate how accessible you are.

Dr. Avery Bratt, PhD

Prairie Village, KS
Lisa Turetsky, MFT
As a relatively new NFB practitioner, I call on the support staff at EEG Store regularly. I always enjoy talking to them as they are unfailingly friendly, helpful, and respectful. If they don't happen to know the answer to my particular question, they do their best to track it down, and they stick with me until they find the best resolution to whatever issue I'm having. I rely on their expertise!

Lisa Turetsky

Los Angeles, CA

Professional and thorough! I have had a number of occasions to need technical assistance, and in each and every instance, my needs have been met and then some. On one occasion, I had a problem that was quickly remedied, but mentioned something odd related to the impedances that I kept seeing. This was taken seriously and tested in a number of ways, which led to the discovery of a mismatch in an underlying code in my BrainMaster equipment. I was provided everything necessary so that BrainMaster technicians could quickly and concisely make the adjustments necessary for more accurate impedance measurement. Beyond their professionalism, the EEGer folks interact with me in a way that makes me feel like I am important and valued. In a word...COMPETENT.

Lisa Black

Norman, OK

I can't say enough how pleased I was with the professional, caring and helpful sales people at EEGer. They answered emails quickly and with direct and helpful answers to any and all my questions. When you're making a substantial purchase of this sort, you want to know that they not only care but are paying attention to the details, and they show it.

Leanne Hershkowitz, M.A./Ed.S, NCC, LPC

Owner & Therapist, Finding Hope Adolescent Counseling Center

Our Philosophy

We believe in supporting and promoting wellness technologies that empower the individual, since healthy, self-actualized people are the basis for a flourishing society.

We are committed to the development of sustainable economies, in which all areas of the world may thrive for generations to come. As citizens of a country with an exploitative and invasive history, we act with an awareness of our privilege and responsibility. We work to make our business reflect values of fairness, acceptance, and accountability.

Recognizing that there are inherent contradictions in the work that we do, we strive to be accountable to the communities in which we live and the ones we serve (such as the neurofeedback-practitioner community). We cultivate relationships based on mutual respect, reflective listening and justice. We value the contributions of everyone, including those who came before us, and those whose work is often taken for granted.

We search diligently for ways to implement environmentally- and politically-sustainable business ideas. We experiment enthusiastically! And as we are excited about the possibilities, we are grateful for the opportunities.

In our view, the conventional distinctions between self-interest and altruism, (as between capitalism and charity, between employment and volunteerism) are not only unhelpful, but limit the natural human impulse to create community networks based on accountability, fairness, and cooperation.

We hope our work will reflect an abiding long-term pragmatism, and our belief that economic relationships founded on respect, honest communication, and justice are both sustainable and rewarding.

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