Phoenix A202 EEG 2 Channel Amplifier/Encoder


Famous for its signal accuracy and rugged design, this amplifier is the product of 30 years of manufacturing experience in neurofeedback devices. As it takes its power from the single, included USB cord that connects it to the computer, you'll never have to worry about batteries failing. Signal response of this amp is superior to that of all other EEG amps tested by our technical.

  • High-quality amplifier/encoder for neurofeedback applications.
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty against all defects.
  • Includes standard built-in impedance-checking circuitry.
  • Excellent customer service and support


  1. Channels: 2 EEG channels + 2 Auxiliary channels (0 to +2.5 volts dc)
  2. Input Impedance: > 10 Gig Ohms
  3. CMR: > 100 dB
  4. Noise: less than 1.0 uV p-p referred to input
  5. Preamp Gain: Software Selectable: 50, 100, 500 microvolts p-p full scale
  6. Anti-Alias Filter: 2nd Order Butterworth at 55Hz
  7. Bandpass: 0.1 Hz to 55 Hz
  8. 60Hz Filter: > 50dB rejection at 60Hz or 50Hz
  9. Impedance Test: An electrode test command is sent under software control to produce a simultaneous test of all electrodes over the range of 1K to 50K ohms.
  10. A2D Resolution: 16 bits
  11. Sample Rate: 256 samples/sec.
  12. Aux Inputs: The Alpha200 amplifier provides three AUX input channels. Inputs to these channels must be isolated from the patient. Input voltage is: 0.0VDC to 2.50VDC.
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