Human brainwave activity is too subtle to read unless the signal is amplified. These units available now usually connect through a USB port and transmit signals to the therapist computer. Older units use a serial interface.

EEGer4 Neurofeedback software supports a variety of EEG amplifiers, each with varying signal characteristics.

Details of these amplifiers are documented in the EEGer4 Technical Manual, available here [PDF].

    The significant characteristics for any amplifier are: linearity, bandpass, and connection (to computer).

  • The linearity has to do with how evenly the amplifier "amplifies" the incoming EEG.
  • The bandwidth tells how low and how high in frequency the amplifier can pass data.
  • The ideal amplifier would linearly amplify all frequencies of interest.
  • Connections to the computer can be either serial (wired or Bluetooth) or USB.

Phoenix A202 EEG 2 Channel Amplifier/Encoder

Famous for its signal accuracy and rugged design, this amplifier is the product of 30 years of manufacturing experience in neurofeedback devices. As it takes its power from the single, included USB cord that connects it to the computer, you'll never have to worry about batteries failing. Signal response of this amp is superior to that of all other EEG amps tested by our technical.


Phoenix A404 4 Channel EEG Amplifier/Encoder

Acclaimed for its accuracy and reliabilty in 4-channel neurofeedback work, this amp continues to grow in popularity.

EEGer users who want to do 4-channel training will need a 4-channel keyfile enable. A $50.00 value, it is included with the purchase of this amplifier.

  • Highest-quality EEG amplifier/encoder for neurofeedback applications.
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Includes built-in impedance-checking circuitry, usable within EEGer.
  • Renowned customer service and technical support.



Thought Technology - ProComp2

The ProComp2 (TM) is a compact yet powerful 2 channel device that allows clinicians to set up a second clinical system – or to empower their clients by offering them a take-home device that is convenient to wear on a headband or a shirt collar.

The ProComp2™ contains a built-in EEG sensor (simply connect an extender cable for EEG monitoring and biofeedback), and it can use any two of the ProComp Infiniti™ sensors. The ProComp2™ system contains all the peripherals to easily connect it to a desktop or laptop IBM-compatible PC.

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