EEG Education & Research Affiliate Community

The EEGER Affiliates network is growing. We are continuously exploring new benefits, such as monthly webinars on various topics of interest to practitioners, facilitating research, and developing our comprehensive curriculum of courses about EEG biofeedback. While clinicians value the numerous benefits described here, such as free tech support, many are also grateful for the sense of community among EEGer practitioners, the generous sharing of knowledge and experience that happens among them.

Call toll-free 1-800-789-3456 for more information.

Benefits Of Being An EEGER Affiliate

Benefit Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Additional Notes
Premium Tech Support

Non-affiliates can receive support by purchasing a Single Issue or an Annual Tech Support Subscription with EEG Store. Some cases might see an additional fee, for example, protracted or non-standard updates and installations.

Amp Loaner Program

For Affiliates in the continental US Only. Gold and Silver Affiliates pay for shipping - Platinum members receive their loaner amp with complimentary shipping. Some paperwork is necessary.

Clinical Forum & Archives

Platinum, Gold, and Silver Affiliates may post questions and ask for advice. Bronze Affiliates may view and search the archives but not post.

Home Use Licenses

Qualified Affiliates must meet certain additional requirements. Home use allows the neurotherapist to supervise sessions for clients who might otherwise find the clinical experience challenging due to geographical or other obstacles.

Discounts on Supplies at EEG Store

Discounts do not apply to all stock. Ask for details.

Discounts on Courses & NIC

EEG Education & Research offers a comprehensive curriculum in neurofeedback, and hosts an annual conference of practioners ( Many courses are eligible for continuing education credit.

Upgrade to EEGer 4.4

EEGer 4.4 is available for free to Platinum and Gold Affiliates, and discounted for Silver Affiliates. Upgrade is optional. It includes new appearance, some new functionality, and will play new games.

Annual Keyfile Update

To maintain compliance, this annual update is required for EEGer 4.4. Software will continue basic single-channel functionality without annual update.

Access to Webinars

Attendance to live online webinars may be limited and require advance registration. Participation is free to EEGER Affiliates.

Discounts on Games

Discounts apply differently to third-party games. Ask for details.

Focus page on

Searchable profile on is available to all affiliates.

Featured on

"Featured Clinician" panel will be in rotation on the front page of new

Priority Support

Platinum and Gold Affiliates enjoy priority technical assistance.

Graphic Design Work

Please plan ahead.

Find a Provider Listing on

Searchable by location, to help clients find you.

Monthly Charge

Requires commitment of at least four months. Ask how paying annually will save you money. Prices subject to change.