Computers that have access to a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card will have access to the NVIDIA Control Panel, a program that can be used to configure how different programs utilize a computer’s hardware. This is important when it comes to EEGer and its games, as we want to ensure that the necessary processing power is available to ensure smooth sessions and feedback.

  1. Close EEGer if it is open and navigate to the computer’s Desktop.
  2. Right-Click on a blank space and select NVIDIA Control Panel from the available options.
  3. A new window will open - on the left side of the screen, under 3D Settings, locate Manage 3D Settings.
  4. In the center of the screen, select the Program Settings tab.
  5. From the dropdown menu under 1. Select a program to customize: choose EEGer or the feedback display you would like to adjust settings for. Typically, this dropdown menu will display programs that have recently been opened. If the desired program does not appear, click Add to see a larger list of programs. If still not visible, click Browse to navigate to the specific .exe file for the program.
  6. Once selected, locate the section labelled 2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:.
  7. In most cases, we recommend setting this to High-performance NVIDIA processor. This will ensure that the program knows to use the powerful graphics card of the computer rather than the integrated graphics of the CPU. For certain computers, performance may be better if EEGer is left on the integrated graphics, but additional games are placed on the dedicated card.
  8. When finished, press Apply in the bottom-right of the window. Once the change is made, close the NVIDIA Control Panel window (or adjust other programs as needed).
  9. Open EEGer and try running a session, seeing if performance is improved.
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