EEGer Clinical License Pricing

EEG Store offers a variety of pricing options when it comes to clinical software licenses for EEGer. We are committed to providing our users with affordable options to start their journey with neurofeedback training, or to quickly expand an existing practice.

Payment Method Initial Payment Monthly Payment Additional Information
Outright Purchase $5150.00 - Receives Annual License Renewals (No Charge)
12-Month Payment Plan $2150.00 $300.00/month Receives Annual License Renewals (No Charge) Once Payment Plan is Completed
36-Month Payment Plan $850.00 $165.00/month Receives Annual License Renewals (No Charge) Once Payment Plan is Completed
Clinical Subscription $175.00 $75.00/month Receives Monthly License Renewals & Complimentary Software Branch Upgrades While Subscribed; No Minimum Commitment

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Neurofeedback Equipment & Supplies

We have several models of high-quality EEG amplifiers available for purchase. Neurofeedback supplies such as electrodes, conductive paste, and skin-prep gel are also available.

Self-install bundles make receiving these core supplies easy and convenient, and also include extras like samples of paste and gel. To calculate your bundle price, take the Initial Payment from the EEGer Clinical License Pricing table for the purchase method you prefer and add the following:

Two-Channel Amplifier & Electrodes: $705.00

Four-Channel Amplifier & Electrodes: $1180.00

The final cost will vary depending on the exact model of amplifier you choose and any associated shipping fees, but this total will provide a good estimate for your bundle cost.

As an additional option, add-ons are available to complete your neurofeedback system. This includes peripherals such as external mice and keyboards, external hard drives for backing up client files, keyboard stickers, and more! We offer a variety of additional games available for purchase, which are also available on a trial-basis. If you are interested in any of these options or pricing, please ask!

If you have questions, please contact us and we can guide you through what's needed to get started with EEGer and provide formal estimates for your records.

For Information on the EEGer Introduction to Neurofeedback Course, Including EEGer Training Kits, Please See This Page

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