Note: This feature is only available on EEGer versions after 440t. See this article for instructions on how to update to the latest version.

The Clinical Login Password is a special override password created by the Supervising Clinician when sending Home Use client files. When entered into the Home Use system, this password ‘unlocks’ the system to allow changes to be made as if it was a clinical system. Most importantly, this means that adjustments can be made to the plan session screen without the clinician needing to create and send a new update file from their Clinical EEGer system.

The password is set by the Supervising Clinician when creating EKC or EKR files for a Home Use system. This password can be any length and in any format, and is chosen by the supervising clinician. It could be the same password used for all home-users, or it could be a unique password per system.

To enable the override, navigate to Client>Home Use>Enable/Disable Clinician Login from the top toolbar of EEGer’s main screen. This will prompt the user to enter a password and, if correct, will unlock the system.

Once enabled, green text will display at the bottom of the screen indicating that the system is unlocked. Changes can now be made to the Plan Session screen or during a session as if the system was clinical, overriding the permissions provided in the Home Use client files.

To disable the override once the appropriate changes have been made, navigate back to Client>Home Use>Enable/Disable Clinician Login. This will lock the system again. If the Supervising Clinician does not disable the override, the system will automatically disable it after 24 hours.

If needed, the password can be changed by sending an EKR file that has a new password entered.

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