What Do I Need to Begin Home Use Training?

Most clients either begin training from an established relationship with an EEGer clinician or from seeking out an EEGer clinician in their area. In some cases, the clinician may already have equipment to loan or rent to the client to get started. If equipment is being purchased for the first time, the main components are:

  • A Windows computer that meets the software’s minimum requirements.
    • This can be the client’s personal computer, a computer from the clinician, or a computer purchased for use with EEGer.
  • An external monitor or TV that can connect to the computer, used to show the game during training.
  • An equipment bundle from EEG Store including equipment and a software license.
  • Supplies like cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, and wipes to prepare for and clean up after a session.

What Does it Cost?

The exact cost of training with Home Use will vary depending on the type of equipment used, where the client is located, the length and type of their training, how equipment is purchased, and the clinician they choose to work with.

In some cases, the Supervising Clinician may already have equipment that they can loan or rent to a client for training. This helps to reduce complexity, as the client will not need to purchase equipment from EEG Store or make separate payments to both the clinician and EEG Store for training.

If equipment is being purchased from EEG Store, see this article for information on pricing (including license pricing):

Getting Started - Home Use License Pricing

As for what clinicians charge for supervision, there is no consistent or standard pricing scheme. The cost will vary depending on the number of sessions, length of training, how sessions are billed, and how involved the clinician is (whether training is hands-on or hands-off). It is recommended to reach out to different clinicians, if possible, to compare what services they offer and the associated costs.

Does The Clinician or Home-User Purchase the Equipment?

It is possible for either party to purchase the equipment. There are advantages in both scenarios, which are detailed in this article.

Is a Supervising Clinician Required for Home Use with EEGer?

Yes, a Supervising Clinician is required to do home training with EEGer. The Supervising Clinician is trained in both neurofeedback and using the EEGer software, with experience creating and evaluating training plan. They are responsible for creating the files that the Home Use system uses for training including what sites and frequencies are trained. They also make adjustments to the training plan based on how training is going and how the brain reacts to training.

As an FDA-Cleared Class II medical device, EEGer is available only under the supervision of a qualified and trained professional. It is not possible to use the software in a Home Use capacity without supervision.

Many clinicians who offer Home Use as part of their practice have been offering neurofeedback training for decades and are experts when it comes to evaluating and creating effective training plans. Neurofeedback is a powerful modality when used correctly, and having a Supervising Clinician helps to ensure the best experience with training.

Can EEG Store Help Find a Clinician to Work with for Home Use?

EEG Store is more than happy to recommend EEGer clinicians in your area, and we are working on tools to make it easier to find clinicians without needing to reach out. Please write to us with your location and we can provide recommendations.

It is important to remember that not all clinicians may be currently accepting new clients, and also that not all EEGer clinicians currently offer Home Use as an option at their practice. They may also specialize in different types of training than what is being sought out, which can reduce the number of clinicians that are available to work with. It is important to review what services a clinician offers and to make sure that Home Use with EEGer is the right fit.

Can the Supervising Clinician Be Changed?

In some cases, it may be appropriate to transfer supervision of a Home Use license from one clinician to another. This is possible, but the exact process varies depending on whether the Supervising Clinician or the Home-User purchased the system. In either case, EEG Store is available to assist with the process to ensure that training can continue.

What Happens When the Equipment is No Longer Needed?

There are a variety of reasons that a Supervising Clinician or Home-User may decide to stop training. In these situations, there are different options available:

- EEG Store may offer to buy back certain pieces of equipment, such as the EEG amplifier.
- If the bundle was purchased by the clinician, they can lend the equipment to another client for home use training.
- If the bundle was purchased by the Home-User, it can be transferred to the clinician to be used for training with other clients.
- The software license can remain inactive and reactivated at a later date when training resumes. 

What Is the Difference Between Four-Channel and Two-Channel Training?

Four-Channel training allows for more electrodes to be placed on the scalp at one time. This allows for more data to be measured at once, which can allow for more complex training protocols. Amplifiers that allow for four-channel training are slightly more expensive than their two-channel counterparts, but function similarly. Four-Channel amplifiers can still be used for single-channel or two-channel training but add the ability to train up to four-channels at once.

Choosing between two-channel or four-channel training depends on the type of training being done and is a question to discuss with the supervising clinician before purchasing equipment. Investing in a four-channel amplifier is a good decision if there is the possibility of doing that type of training in the future, but is by no means required. Many users find success with only single-channel or two-channel training.

Can Multiple Home-Users Use the Same EEGer License?

EEGer does not place restrictions on the number of clients that can be used on a Home Use System, and the monthly subscription cost to access the software does not increase based on the number of clients (as some other software systems do). This makes Home Use with EEGer easily scalable for families or households where multiple individuals will be receiving neurofeedback training.

Note: Supervising Clinicians may charge additional fees based on the number of individuals, as different individuals require unique training plans to be created and evaluated on an ongoing basis. This is a topic to discuss with the clinician before starting neurofeedback training.

Do Extra Sessions Cost More Money?

When creating Home Use Client Files, the Supervising Clinician specifies how many sessions can be run and when they are set to expire. These permissions can be set on a client-by-client basis and can depend on the type or intensity of training.

Some clinicians may bill the client on a per-session basis, whereas others will charge the client when a new batch of sessions is issued or based on the entire treatment plan. EEG Store and the EEGer software do not place restrictions on the number of sessions that can be run on a Home Use System. The monthly subscription cost for access to the software does not increase based on the number of sessions or number of clients.

Is There a Minimum Subscription Length?

No, there is no minimum subscription requirement for EEGer Licenses. Licenses are renewed on a monthly basis and can be cancelled and restarted at any time.

We understand that the future can be uncertain, and that it can be hard to plan long term. It may not be clear when starting out how long training will last for, or if something may come up that puts it on hold. We’re committed to working with our users to allow neurofeedback training to be accessible and easy to use.

Are Training Courses Available for Supervising Clinicians?

Yes, training courses are offered via EEG Learn about Home Use. For a full list of EEG Learn courses, including recorded content, see the EEG Learn website.

EEGer Support can also assist with technical issues or questions that come up while using EEGer. We are happy to schedule appointments to review how the Home Use process works and to ensure the clinical system is ready to begin supervising Home Use licenses. Additionally, articles here on our website provide step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting steps for using the software.

Are Training Courses Available for Home-Users?

EEG Store & EEGer do not offer training courses specifically targeted for Home-Users. The Supervising Clinician is available to provide training and guidance on how to use the system effectively, including how to apply electrodes, check impedance, and run a session using the system.

As the same software is used in both Clinical and Home Use modes, the Supervising Clinician is also able to help troubleshoot most basic errors or warning messages that appear in the software. They can also contact EEGer Support on behalf of their client to troubleshoot more complicated issues, if required.

Will EEG Store Provide Support for Setting up a Home Use System?

EEG Store is available to provide onboarding support for the supervising clinician, as well as troubleshooting any initial technical issues that are encountered getting started with training. Remote configuration assistance for the home use system is available for an additional charge.

For more information about the support we offer, see our technical support page.

Is There Additional Information About Getting Started with Home Use?

Yes, we have many articles here on our website about Home Use and getting started with EEGer. For a full overview of Home Use with EEGer, including additional information about getting started, please refer to this checklist.

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