Certain issues can cause DVDGame to not provide visual or auditory feedback during training. In some cases, EEGer and the video may appear to be working normally except without reward sounds or visual feedback. In other cases, the video will not begin to play at all, or the game screen will show a list of games instead of the media player.

To resolve this issue, follow the instructions below:

Problems After Upgrading to the Latest EEGer Version

Recent versions of EEGer require an updated version of DVDGame to provide feedback. If EEGer has been recently updated, this will almost always be the solution to any issues with DVDGame.

The updated version of DVDGame can be downloaded and installed from the EEGer Support Site.

Problems with Existing Installation

Problems can be encountered with DVDGame after Windows Updates, which may happen when the computer is shut down or restarted. There are two steps to take in order to address possible issues:

  1. Reinstall DVDGame from the EEGer Support site. After completing the installation process, observe if the issue is resolved by running a live or replay session using DVDGame.
  2. Reinstall the Media Player (VLC or MPC-HC), which may have updated to an incompatible version. It is recommended to fully uninstall and then reinstall the media player. Instructions for installing a compatible media player can be found here.
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