It is possible to transfer the EEGer4 license to another individual or entity provided EEG Software approves the transfer and the buyer meets EEG Software's licensing requirements as outlined as part of the End-User License Agreement. Arrangements between the seller and the buyer with respect to the purchase of the equipment and dongle are between those parties. There is a required fee associated with performing a license transfer that is billable to the purchaser of the transferred license. EEG Store is not concerns with the arrangements made between users, only regarding the required license transfer fee.

Transfer Process

  1. Seller contacts EEG Store, completes and returns the License Transfer Agreement (Seller).
  2. Buyer completes and returns the License Transfer Agreement (Buyer).
  3. EEG Software issues approval of transfer, and EEG Store verifies buyer meets licensing and training requirements.
  4. Seller sends the buyer the dongle and any equipment included as part of their arrangement.
  5. Buyer pays the license transfer fee and submits an ESPA (EEG Store Purchase Agreement) to EEG Store.
  6. Once the documentation is in order, EEG Store will then issue an new keyfile for the license, and the buyer is henceforth a registered and licensed EEGer4 user!

Required Documentation
Submit to EEG Store for approval:
- License Transfer Agreement (Seller)
- License Transfer Agreement (Buyer)
- ESLA (EEG Store License Agreement) Completed by Buyer

Details of Transfer
The license transfer includes installation and configuration assistance (if applicable) and three months of premium technical support for the buyer. Also included is a complimentary software upgrade, if applicable. This ensures the buyer benefits from access to the latest stable version of the software, with access to all of the new features and flexibility that includes.

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