As an FDA-Cleared Class II medical device, certain requirements must be met in order to use the EEGer software. A full list of training and licensing requirements are included in the software’s End-User License Agreement (EULA) and EEG Store License Agreement (ESLA). These agreements are provided for completion when purchasing an EEGer license.

Our staff is happy to help review these requirements and answer any questions when getting started with EEGer, please contact us! A summary of key requirements is included below:

Clinical EEGer Licenses

Training Requirements

For more information about training and purchasing equipment, see this article.

Licensing Requirements

  • Supervision by a professional healthcare board (or equivalent) or supervision by a clinician who is supervised by a professional healthcare board (or equivalent).
  • We work closely with users performing research and non-profit work and can assist with finding a supervising clinician in these situations.

Home Use EEGer Licenses

Home Use with EEGer is available to any individual, requiring that their use of the software is under the supervision of an EEGer clinician. The supervising clinician is responsible for providing a training plan and evaluating training results for the Home-User.

For more information about getting started with Home Use, please see this article.

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