Open EEGer and navigate to Utilities > Save/Install Protocol Sets(session plans and presets) from the top toolbar of EEGer's main display. This will bring you to a new window with a handful of options. If you have a particular session plan that you would like to send to another clinician, you can select Create Installable Session Plan from Existing Client. Please ensure that the session plan you would like to send is already created and currently applied to an existing client before proceeding, as this will be required to export the session plan.

On the next screen that appears, select the client that currently has the session plan that you would like to export and select OK. Next, select the layout that the session plan is using. You will be asked to create a name for this session plan to appear in the software once it is installed by the recepient. You will be asked to save the file to your computer and be given the option to rename the file, but it is recommended to keep the file name the same for simplicity.

EEGer has now created an Installable Session Plan (.ELS) file in EEGer's EXPORT subfolder. To find this file so that you can email it to another EEGer user, open the File Explorer by holding down the Windows key on your keyboard (usually located in the bottom left in between Ctrl and Alt) and then tap the letter E. Next, locate the C: drive in the left hand panel. You should now see an EEGer folder, which you can double click on. Next, double click on the EXPORT folder, and your .ELS file should now be visible.

It is a similar process to install an emailed Installable Session Plan File. Note, this will only work if the client that you are applying this to is already on the same layout as the exported session plan, and by doing this, the current session plan for that particular layout will be overwritten. Session plans for other layouts will be preserved. If you would like to save your current session plan before applying this new one, you can follow the steps above to create an Installable Session Plan File or follow the steps in the Custom Session Plan Email to create a Custom Session Plan.

First, Select Utilities > Save/Install Protocol Sets(session plans and presets,then Install Session Plan for a Client (You select destination client/class). Find where you have saved the emailed .ELS file. If you saved it directly from your email, it is likely in the Downloads folder. Once found, select it and then Open. EEGer will then ask you if this is the correct protocol set by giving you the name that was entered when the Installable Session Plan was created. Then select the client that you would like to apply this session plan to. Once successfully installed, EEGer will pop up a message saying, Success.

To confirm that this has worked, simply select the client and open up the plan session window to see the new session plan. If it has not changed, take note of the layout, and if it is different than the exported session plan, select Change Layout at the bottom of the screen, select the correct layout, and then repeat the above steps to install the exported session plan.

EEGer is built upon suggestions and feedback from its users; if you have suggestions on how to improve the Protocol Set Utility, please let us know!

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