Inability to make adjustments during a session or the inability to exit a session may be because of a Keyboard Lost message within EEGer. This can happen when Windows assigns focus to a program that is not EEGer, such as a popup or when a window or program is opened when running a session. Unfortunately, this can also happen when using external games such as Lotus Pond or Postcards. A Keyboard Lost message will also appear if the cursor is moved to the game screen to navigate menus within the game, such as the level selection screen of Postcards or selecting a Client Profile in Zukor's Air. Because EEGer does not have keyboard focus, pressing a button like F5 or Esc will not send the command to EEGer. To correct this issue, follow the instructions below:

  1. Observe the therapist/wave screen to determine if a Keyboard Lost message is appearing. This message will appear as a slowly flashing message with a yellow background, typically displayed toward the center of the screen below the RAW traces.
  2. To give keyboard focus back to EEGer, we will need to select the program by moving our cursor to the correct screen and left clicking. This can be difficult as the cursor may not be visible on top of the wave/therapist screen.
  3. If the therapist/wave screen is to the left of the game screen, move the cursor all the way to the left and left-click. If the therapist/wave screen is instead to the right, move the cursor all the way to the right and then left-click.
  4. If successful, the Keyboard Lost message will stop appearing and commands like F5 should begin or pause the session. If unsuccessful, move the cursor farther in the appropriate direction and left-clicking again to ensure the cursor is on the correct screen.
  5. Additionally, EEGer can be selected by pressing and holding down the Alt key and tapping the Tab key while continuing to hold Alt. This will display small icons in the center of the screen for each open program. While continuing to hold Alt, the cursor can be used to select the therapist/wave screen. Tapping the Tab key until the therapist/wave screen is highlighted will also work. Once the Alt key is released, keyboard focus should shift to the therapist/wave screen.
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