Configuring EEGer for the Neurobit Optima Amplifiers

Neurobit Optima devices purchased from EEG Store include a USB cable to connect the device to the computer. It is recommended to connect the amplifier directly to the computer, avoiding connecting the device to an external USB hub. Once connected, a physical power button on the top face of the amplifier must be pressed to turn the amplifier on. An audible activation sound should be heard from the device.

During the startup process, EEGer will check for connected EEG amplifiers and automatically configure itself for the device that it finds. A message will display indicating the configured device or inform the user if no device has been found.
In some cases, the amplifier may not be automatically detected. For more information about configuring amplifiers, including troubleshooting steps and additional instructions, see this article.

Connecting Electrodes to Neurobit Optima Devices

For information about connecting electrodes to an Optima device, as well as information about linking references, see this article.

Note: Some order configurations also include stacking electrode jumpers. For more information on these, see this article.

Neurobit Optima XSYNC Error

When EEGer is unable to communicate with a Neurobit amplifier, it will report a red XSYNC message in the bottom right corner of the Wave Screen. There are a variety of reasons this error may appear. For information on troubleshooting this error, see this article.

EEGer ‘Stuck’ Initializing when using the Neurobit Optima

In the 440x release of EEGer, a change was made to prevent some confusion that users were experiencing with the visual display of incoming data on the Wave Screen when using the Optima devices. When returning to the Wave Screen after checking impedance, an INITIALIZING message will appear on the Raw traces, and the incoming data will appear to flatline. After a few seconds, accurate data will be displayed on the Raw traces.

If a user toggles back into Impedance mode while this INITIALIZING message is on the screen, the software will not properly display impedance measurements and will continue displaying the INITIALIZING message until they press Esc or Ctrl+F7 to return to the Wave Screen. To avoid this, users should wait to return to the Impedance Screen until the INITIALIZING message has gone away and the stream of incoming data from the device is observed in the Raw trace.

Cannot Select Neurobit Optima Device Within EEGer

When configuring EEGer for the Neurobit Optima device, it is possible that it will not show up in the dropdown menu as a selectable device. For steps on troubleshooting this issue, see this article.

Manually Installing Optima Drivers

Recent versions of EEGer include the driver file that the Optima devices use to talk to the computer. In rare cases, the driver file must be manually installed.

Information on USB Cables & Connecting EEG Amplifiers

Neurobit Optima devices purchased from EEG Store include a USB cable to connect the device to the computer. As this is a generic cable, it can ‘wear out’ over time and need replacement. For information about USB Cables, as well as other considerations for connecting the Neurobit Optima devices to a computer, see this article.

Neurobit Optima Instruction Manual

Additional information about the Neurobit Optima devices, including technical specifications and detailed usage information, users are encouraged to review the Neurobit Optima Instruction Manual.

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