When new software versions become available, we encourage users to update their EEGer systems to the latest stable version. This ensures the smoothest experience for both the person operating the software and clients receiving training from the system.

There are many reasons users may wish to be on the latest version of the software:

Reasons to Keep EEGer Updated

  • New Home Use features such as the Home Use Cloud and more robust permissions.
    • To use new Home Use features, both the Clinical EEGer system and the Home Use system will need to be updated.
  • Automation for common tasks such as installing keyfiles and configuring amplifiers.
  • Interface and menu improvements based on user feedback.
  • Support for more modern amplifiers and games.
  • Benefit from new features, feedback modes, and layouts.
    • A full changelog can be found on EEGer’s website, here.
  • Important bug fixes and security patches.

Is Updating to the Latest Version Required?

Updating to the latest version of the software is not required, but is strongly recommended. Having the latest version installed will make using the software easier, and can correct issues present in older versions of the software.

EEGer Support is also able to provide quicker and better support to users on the latest version of the software, in addition to simply preventing a lot of issues that would require contacting EEGer Support on older versions of the software.

Is Updating Free or Does It Cost Money?

Users who are licensed for the 44 branch of the software are able to install new software updates at any time for no additional charge.

There are two quick ways to tell if the EEGer system is on the 44 software branch:

  1. The background on the software’s main screen features a butterfly.

  2. The first line of text in the bottom left of EEGer’s main screen reads EEGer4 44....

If using an older software branch such as 42 or 43, please contact EEG Store for additional information about upgrading to the latest software branch.

Is it Difficult to Update EEGer?

No, updating to the latest software version is a simple and straightforward process. Any user familiar with downloading and installing a program should encounter no issues updating their system. If issues are encountered, however, EEGer Support is available to provide assistance by phone, email, or a remote appointment.

For full instructions on how to update EEGer to the latest version, see this article.

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