Side-by-side configuration errors can occur on Windows 10 for a few different reasons. While rare, these errors will prevent EEGer from being used for live sessions (or even opened) until corrected.

What Causes This Error?

When EEGer launches, it requires several files to ensure it does this in the correct order and without making mistakes. If the program is unable to read one of these files, then it will fail to open the program. The two most common causes for these errors are antivirus programs which prevent EEGer from starting in its normal way, or Windows updates which change or damage the files EEGer needs to function.

Here are examples of what the error messages may look like:

Restarting the Computer

Sometimes, simply restarting the computer can correct this issue. This is the best case scenario, as it means no other configurations or adjustments are needed.

Adjusting Antivirus Settings

It is possible for this issue to happen when antivirus or security programs prevent EEGer from referencing neccesary files. To prevent this, it is recommended to add security exceptions or exclusions for the EEGer program. Doing this will also help prevent a variety of other errors or problems that can occur. More information on making these changes can be found in this article.

Reinstalling EEGer

Windows updates may change, damage, or outright remove the files and libraries EEGer needs to function properly. Because of this, EEGer comes packaged with these neccesary files in the software installer to ensure the program works when installed on systems without these files. If for whatever reason these files become damaged or lost, reinstalling EEGer will add them back, correcting the side-by-side configuration error. For users on the latest branch of the software, you can reinstall the program following the instructions in this article.

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