EEGer can be used in a variety of display configurations. This includes displaying both the game and wave screen on one monitor, displaying across two monitors, or even displaying across more than two monitors.

Single-Monitor Mode

In Single-Monitor Mode, the spacebar is used to switch between the wave screen and the feedback display (game). Single-Monitor Mode does not allow adjustments to the session while the game screen is displayed. To make changes, switch to the therapist screen by pressing the spacebar.

By default, EEGer will start in Single-Monitor Mode when first installed.

Dual Monitor Mode

Dual Monitor Mode allows for the wave screen to be displayed on one monitor and for the game to be displayed on a separate monitor or display. This is the most common screen configuration for EEGer systems.

Computers can connect to a large variety of screens and displays. It is even possible to use a television or a tablet as a second screen.

The most important thing when choosing an external display is that it can connect to the computer. Most external displays will connect to the computer using HDMI, but some may connect via USB, Display Port, or other forms of connection. EEGer does not have any requirements for the external display, only that Windows is able to connect to it. This means that most monitors and televisions will work without issue.

Once the external display is connected, Windows must be set to Extend displays. This can be done in the Windows Settings App, or can be quickly toggled by pressing Win+P on the keyboard. This will display a Project menu on the right side of the screen. Select Extend to change Windows to the appropriate mode for Dual Monitor Mode.

Once Windows is configured properly, open EEGer. From the top toolbar of EEGer's main screen, navigate to Options>EEGer Configuration Options. In the menu that appears, change 1 System Display Mode to Dual monitor. After closing the options menu, EEGer will close. When reopened, EEGer should be in Dual Monitor Mode.

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