EEGer features several special startup commands to alter how the program opens or behaves. These options are helpful during troubleshooting, to ensure compatibility with some displays/devices, and to improve usability for some users. It is not recommended to use these options without first testing how they behave on your system. It is entirely possible that using these options could result in unexpected bugs and issues with EEGer. This could impact neurofeedback sessions with clients with unwanted crashing or error messages.

These options are also features in the operator's manual under Appendix 18: Special Startup Options. The easiest way to access the manual is to open EEGer and pressing F1 from the main screen of EEGer. A searchable manual should appear, which you can easily search through.

To use these options, they must be manually added to the startup shortcuts on the desktop. To do this:

  1. Right-click on the EEGer desktop icon (or toolbar icon you use to open the program).
  2. On the window that appears, click Properties.
  3. Click the Shortcut tab.
  4. Add the desired options to the end of the target line, making sure to leave space(s) between each item.
  5. Click OK to close the window.

Whenever EEGer is started using that shortcut, the applicable options will be used. It is possible to have several shortcuts with different options (as long as you name them so you can remember what they are). Please note that reinstalling EEGer does not erase any options set manually using this method. To remove an option, repeat the process above but instead delete the option from the end of the target line.


Force the EEGer screen size to be 800x600 no matter what size the screen graphics resolution is set for.
Force the EEGer screen size to be 1024x768 no matter what size the screen graphics resolution is set for.


Force EEGer's game screen onto the same monitor as the therapist/wave screen. This adjusts the windows relative size so that both screens are visible. Works with some additional games, such as Space Race.

WARNING: Experimental, and may create problems. This is not recommended unless done by EEGer Support.


Enables realtime logging of debug information in the event that a crash prevents the data from being collected normally.
This option forces EEGer to NOT set realtime priorities. Some machines may function adequately with this option set but some may not. Your mileage may vary.
This option forces EEGer into being a remote user no matter what the license/dongle may be set
for. It is intended for testing remote operations but may be used by a clinician for training clients to use
the remote menus.
This option turn off the yellow reminder messages that appear at the bottom of the status
EEGer no longer aborts on graphics overruns and does not put up those annoying messages.
This option turns the messages back on but EEGer still does not abort on graphics overruns (it just runs
This option tells EEGer to NOT lock the position of the EEGer windows but allows them to be
dragged around. Note that you cannot drag the realtime graphics screens since there is no border.
This option tells EEGer not to try forcing itself as the foreground window (so it can get

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