Every Feedback Display (game) has a variety of options to configure that tailor the experience to provide different types of feedback. This includes adjusting auditory feedback, reward occurrence, adding peripheral feedback displays, adjusting graphics settings, and much more. These options can be tailored on a permanent basis or for a single session, if necessary.

EEGer’s base games have a complex set of auditory feedback capabilities that can be optionally used. More information on the auditory feedback options can be found here.

To tailor games, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to Tools>Tailor Installed Games from the top toolbar of EEGer’s main screen.
  2. A list of installed games will be displayed. Games shown in pink are NOT licensed, and can only be used when replaying a session.
  3. Along the bottom of the window are buttons to move or delete selected entries or to exit the screen. To select a game, click on it from the list. To edit a game, double-click a game on the list or press the Edit button next to its name.
  4. A list of game-specific options will appear. These will vary depending on what game is selected. The order of specific entries may vary on this screen depending on what game is selected. Options can be changed/specified by clicking anywhere on the applicable line.
  5. A common field to edit is 2: What You want to call this tailored game - this allows a user to rename a game or add additional text to the title. This allows multiple ‘versions’ of a specific feedback display to be created with different names.
  6. The buttons at the bottom allow modification of this game or creation of a new game with these settings to appear on the list of games. As a basic example, a user could configure a version of DVDGame with no reward sounds called DVDGame Muted. They could also keep the original version of DVDGame as a selection on the system. Depending on the client, the user could select different versions of the game to fit their feedback needs.
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