EEGer Neurofeedback Computer Bundle


Everything you'll need to conduct neurofeedback sessions using the acclaimed EEGer4 software The configured bundle (formerly known as a full system) contains all of the equipment needed to do neurofeedback. The components are configured, tested, and validated by the technical staff at EEG Store. The bundle comes equipped with the therapist laptop unit, an external wide-screen display monitor, high-quality EEG 2 channel amplifier, a new set of four nondisposable electrodes, and assorted supplies and cables necessary to run neurofeedback sessions for the home, for a health-care practice, or for research. The requisite software and licenses are already installed on the therapist laptop, and you will enjoy three months of free technical support.

Note that if you have not purchased or rented software from EEG Store before, we will need to process the relevant authorization for you. Don't worry, it's easily done, as long as you have taken one of our training courses, and are being supervised by a qualified practitioner. The prices shown for EEGer4 bundles here are the base price, and may not reflect the price to institutions, for example. If you have any questions, please write to us via the contact form on this site, email, or call toll-free (888) 521-9803.

Also, if you are a new or experienced neurofeedback clinician, ask about the benefits of becoming an EEG Education & Research affiliate. Besides enjoying the great savings on your purchase of equipment, software, and supplies, you will be joining this strong and growing community of skilled neurofeedback providers!

Several options are available in this bundle, plus add-on games. Call us for details.

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