Neurofeedback Games

Both clinical and home-use versions of EEGer come by default with the EEGer Game Set (EGS). These feedback and display programs
support the therapist software and are comprised of ten displays:

  1. Boxlights
  2. Highways
  3. Island
  4. Fixed-dot mazes
  5. Variable-dot mazes
  6. Jumpbox
  7. Theta-down highway
  8. 4mation
  9. Spectral Mirror
  10. Long-Term Display

Addon games may be purchased. Here's how it works. If you are buying a new configured bundle, or configured laptop, we will install the game for you. If you are buying the game for a system you are already using, you will need to download the game from the the download page of the EEG Education & Research support site. Note that before you buy a game, you can try it in "Replay mode" to see if you like it.