Phoenix A202 2-channel EEG Amplifier

Famous for its signal accuracy and rugged design, this amplifier was designed by Phoenix Neurosystems, a company with 30 years of experience manufacturing neurofeedback devices. Now manufactured by Southeast Signal, this robust and sensitive amplifier is USB-powered, so it does not require batteries like many other amplifiers. Signal response of this amplifier is superior to that of all other EEG amps tested by the technical staff at EEG Store.

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  • High-quality amplifier/encoder for neurofeedback applications.
  • USB-powered
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty against all defects.
  • Includes standard built-in impedance-checking circuitry.
  • Excellent customer service and support


  1. Channels: 2 EEG channels + 2 Auxiliary channels (0 to +2.5 volts dc)
  2. Input Impedance: > 10 Gig Ohms
  3. CMR: > 100 dB
  4. Noise: less than 1.0 uV p-p referred to input
  5. Preamp Gain: Software Selectable: 50, 100, 500 microvolts p-p full scale
  6. Anti-Alias Filter: 2nd Order Butterworth at 55Hz
  7. Bandpass: 0.1 Hz to 55 Hz
  8. 60Hz Filter: > 50dB rejection at 60Hz or 50Hz
  9. Impedance Test: An electrode test command is sent under software control to produce a simultaneous test of all electrodes over the range of 1K to 50K ohms.
  10. A2D Resolution: 16 bits
  11. Sample Rate: 256 samples/sec.
  12. Aux Inputs: The Alpha200 amplifier provides three AUX input channels. Inputs to these channels must be isolated from the patient. Input voltage is: 0.0VDC to 2.50VDC.

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$1,200.00 US

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