Thought Technology - ProComp2


The ProComp2 (TM) is a compact yet powerful 2 channel device that allows clinicians to set up a second clinical system – or to empower their clients by offering them a take-home device that is convenient to wear on a headband or a shirt collar.

The ProComp2™ contains a built-in EEG sensor (simply connect an extender cable for EEG monitoring and biofeedback), and it can use any two of the ProComp Infiniti™ sensors. The ProComp2™ system contains all the peripherals to easily connect it to a desktop or laptop IBM-compatible PC.

We are happy to offer especially this amplifier to EEGer affiliates and as part of an EEGer system purchase. Please note that this amp will not run without batteries. Also please unplug the amp from the computer before changing the batteries. Call or write EEG Store if you have any questions.

Benefits for you and your clients
- Small size for portability and ease of use
- Promote training in the home environment to improve outcomes
- Enhance long term positive behavioral changes
- Monitor peripheral measures as EEG
- Quality and expert support from Thought Technology

ProComp2™ System Includes
Fiber-optic cables (1’ and 15’)
Two alkaline “AA” batteries
Carrying case
"DIN" connector cable to plug in electrodes
TT-USB connector system

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